Southern Delaware's Tastiest Eats

Everyone likes great food - and we're making it easy to find! EatDE provides a Delaware restaurant guide for your eating pleasure.

Featuring restaurants in Lewes, cafés in Rehoboth and great eats from all around southern Delaware, our DE restaurant guide will get you just the tastes you want out of your next meal.

Your favorite not on the site? Well nobody likes a secret... so tell us where the best food is! Submit your favorite restaurants today!


About EatDE - Your Favorite Delaware Restaurant Guide!

We've been to a great many places in this crazy country (well, okay... we've been to at least a fair few), and there aren't many that can rival southern Delaware when it comes to tasty local restaurants options. So many, even, that it's never easy to decide what you want to eat - or where.

That's where EatDE comes in! A Delaware restaurant guide and directory, we're dedicated to providing a large, easy-to-navigate restaurant guide for Lewes, Rehoboth Beach and the surrounding region. Looking for a steakhouse in Lewes? We've got just the place. Thinking Italian in Rehoboth Beach? Pfft, that's easy! You'll find them all right here.

Hey, you know of a great tasting place that we've made the grievous error of not including on the site yet? Then tell us about it man! If we're one thing (besides hungry), it's humble - and we're always happy to put your favorite restaurant in the directory.

We're a little unique, though, in that we're happy to let you manage your own profile within our site! If you're the owner or manager or a restaurant listed on EatDE (or that wants to be on EatDE), we can give you total administrative access to your profile! You'll be able to add hours, menus, specials, logos... anything you want!

Our system is easy to manage and we'll give you complete control. Hey, worst case, you break it and we fix it, right? If you want to request administrative access for a restaurant, submit the proper request forms!

If you've ever got a question, comment, gripe or just need someone to talk to, drop us a line. We're always available. Same goes if you're interested in getting premier homepage placement for your restaurant.

We're here to help you find the best restaurants in the region, and we'll work hard to make sure that our directory is regularly updated and ready for you to peruse. In the meantime, get out there and start doing what we all love to do - eat!